Foundress And Co-Founder

Charles Andrews Gaikwad affectionately called FATHER by everyone was the Co-founder of this School. A brief sketch of his life is presented. He hailed from Maharashtra. He was in the (Indian)British Army from 1942 to 1946. He had been to Rangoon in World War-II, and saw its horrors; later he served in S.L.P. and Kuljian Corporation. He retired from DVC after completing 30 years of service.

He was a soft spoken thorough gentleman. His approach was pragmatic and would not tolerate indiscipline and lethargy. He was fascinated by qualitative education which was beyond the reach of the Common people. He wholeheartedly devoted himself in providing a conducive atmosphere in this school. He was a great anchor when the Foundress passed away in April 1997. Though old age kept coming on, he did not waver in guiding the school. His death has created a void. May his legacy be our beacon of Hope and Guiding Light.

A helping hand can lighten another’s burden.Kamla Andrews Gaikwad w/o Mr. Charles Andrews Gaikwad, was the Co Founder and Director of St. Paul’s Modern School, Bokaro Thermal. It was her intense desire to see India as a World Leader. She had devoted her life for the welfare of the needy and the illiterate. Her venture began with coaching students with a token fee of Rs. 5/-. She won the hearts of people from all walks of life. Her desire to begin St.Paul’s as an English medium school received the moral support of all. Eminent educationists of the vicinity welcomed this venture and foresaw the service this institution would render in the days to come.